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OpenCart is currently the best freely available open source solution for an e-commerce platform.

OpenCart is the store system for small and medium-sized businesses that want to rely on a growing store system that adapts to their needs. OpenCart offers everything that is expected from a powerful internet store. The products are in the center of attention, customers and interested parties can select products in watch lists and can also complete the order process at the end of their shopping tour via a guest checkout. Opencart is programmed in a modern way and offers many technical and graphical gimmicks without appearing cumbersome or confusing. The Marketplace already offers more than 13,000 extensions with various shipping modules and payment options.

Light as a feather and powerful
OpenCart stands out for its speed in terms of loading speed and handling.

Highly optimized and adaptable
The Internet shop solution can adapt to your requirements and is “state-of-the-art” thanks to modern standards.

Multi-Store and many other functions
Multi-lingual, connected to many delivery and payment services, Opencart is the optimal internet shop system.

OpenCart is based on the highly scalable MVC framework and offers numerous growth possibilities.

With Opencart, new internet stores can be realized quickly and easily. So you can start cheaply and quickly in the world of online commerce, without having to sacrifice scalability and customizability. Due to the large community behind Opencart and the large number of extensions, Opencart is ideally suited for small, medium-sized and even large companies.

Opencart is unique in terms of administration, extensibility and performance. The lightweight achieves top values in loading time measurements and dispenses with overloaded frameworks. Even with complex extensions that significantly intervene in the calculation method of prices, shipping methods or configurations, the optimal foundation hardly changes the result in terms of performance. It is rock solid and yet adapts optimally to your requirements.

Likewise, the system can be personalized in simple steps. In this way, you play out for each customer exactly the content and offer that your customer wants in the appropriate place.

OpenCart Features

Main functions of Opencart

  • Simple article management
  • Complex configuration options
  • Individual calculation rules
  • Customizable shipping methods
  • Connection to many payment systems
  • Article configurators possible
  • Mutli-Store capable
  • Multilingual

Development of a store on OpenCart

OpenCart is a feature-rich content management system (CMS) for online commerce. This compares favorably with other CMSs that only adapt to online commerce. Therefore, this system is suitable for companies of different levels. The main task of an online store is to scale the business by optimizing the sales. In order to develop a high-quality tool to achieve commercial goals, it is important to approach the solution in an integrated way. An online store on OpenCart is a wise choice for the successful development of your business on the Internet.

Functions for creating a store in OpenCart

Open Source

The functionality of an OpenCart store can be extended and adapted for different purposes thanks to open source code. This simplifies the development process and accelerates your entry into the Internet market.

1C Integration

OpenCart online store supports bidirectional communication with 1C, so you can conveniently transfer data ( information about orders, goods, customer base) and automate the work of the resource. This saves your time and simplifies the management of your online store.

OpenCart online store: The main advantages

Broad target group coverage

Online store enabled Opencard supports multilingual systems and systems with multiple currencies. You have extensive customization options for this service, allowing you to mark the names of goods and features of services in different languages. This practical advantage allows small businesses to go global online with minimal effort.

Complete set of reports and metrics

With OpenCart you’ll be able to easily track the development of your business thanks to comprehensive statistics. You can customize reports according to your company’s needs: Filter the data collected from the site to make the necessary changes. All the information is processed with a well-designed dashboard that is easy to understand. You also have access to data recovery and backup options.

Easy site navigation

The customer experience of store visitors on opencart is enhanced by the convenient site navigation: easy search by product categories; the presence of filters; The ability to create a personal account with a purchase history and track the status of the current order.

Selecting a shipping method

Opencart stores combine the most common shipping methods available today on all major e-commerce websites. You can use your national postal system or choose an international one. This way you can be sure that your customers will receive their purchases on time, using a method that matches your current transactions.


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